Our Story

Life isn’t about surviving it’s about thriving––living out loud, in color.

Unwrap one of life’s great gifts, the discovery of your authentic self. A path where you no longer need to settle or be afraid. You Only Live Once (YOLO) will help you step out of your known world into the unknown. To a world of beauty and surprises where one day finds you saving sea turtles in Sri Lanka, another cycling over the Golden Gate bridge, and yet another wearing a ball gown or tux to the opera – rocking the perfect accessories, of course.

Wherever you go today, YOLO will take you there joyfully.

Life is short and we don’t have much time to look fabulous or feel extraordinary. We’re here to help you find joy by freeing your spirit. Our products help you define your authentic self and redefine the possible.

There are no prizes for where you haven’t been or what you haven’t done. We’ll help you slide into home with plenty of stories to tell. You’re the person people refer to as their most interesting friend. And you make it look good too. Come home to YOLO.

It is about crossing the line of your personal limit in order to discover yourself because You Only Live Once.

We have divided our products into the various stages of life:


It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. In our innocence we are helpless. Life is about watching others. Feeling the pulse of and noticing rules and social norms. We humbly open to the dictates of style. This is where we first become aware of fashion. That clothes can do more than just dress us. Students do more than imitate, though. They take from other style makers but have a keen eye for what brings them their own unique joy. Students discover how to feel. What to feel. This is where we have fun. This is where we try to fit in.


We have seen what is out there, and choose to express our authentic selves. We take risks. Experiment. Go beyond with our feelings, moods and emotions through fashion. If we were artists this is the period where we create in every medium we can. We sculpt, paint, draw, make calligraphy, photography, etchings, prints, textiles, and tapestries. We get caught up in the string, clay, paint, metals, glass and inks. We find that one art form begins to call to us. We sample all life has to offer, every hue. Some of our creations are more successful than others. We work out our traumas. Break some rules. We choose to have fun.


The greatest power we have in life is the power to chose. This is where we make our choice, where we find the power. This is where we feel comfortable, where we specialise. Where we realise life is short, and not all dreams can come true.

We carefully pick and choose our calling and partners and commit. We decide to become a painter rather than a sculptor and cultivate the perseverance and patience for our art. At all costs. We recognise the favourite art forms and palettes that we always go back to. No matter what happens in our life, we are drawn to this art to this place to this person. It is a delicate mystery of discovering our true nature and choosing what to stand for. We find the things that make life worth living. 


In our culmination of life on earth, we no longer let people or situations define us. We’ve worked hard and made contributions. We’ve loved and lost. And loved again. This is our lasting impression. It’s about our individual statement. Because there never has been and never will be another like us. We have something unique to say and this life is our masterpiece, dedicated to a life well lived. A bread crumb trail for those new to the journey to discover and be inspired by. A light for a dark night. Our legacy has been established and we want to ensure to safeguard it for future generations.


This where transcendence enables true happiness, acceptance and love. Finding joy and meaning in knowing God. We are no longer bound by earthly approval and other’s opinions or ideas of who we are. No one but God defines us. We only seek to walk closer with Him. To be the face of God to those we meet on the walk with us. Wisdom that can only be found in our faith in the unseen. And through faith’s gift of a peace that passes understanding.